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Text Scheduling

Get Set Text allows you to reach your audience in the most convenient way possible….cell phone text messages! Craft a message with text and/or a URL directing users to a webpage.

*Limit 150 characters, less the opt-out disclaimer and your Company Name that appears in the text.

You can send a text right away or schedule it to go out at a time in the future. Reach your audience through a device that’s normally at arm’s length throughout the entire day!

Easy Opt-In

So you’ve got a great tool to push out messages and alerts to your audience. Now you just need to build that audience. Announce that you’ll be doing giveaways, discounts and special messaging to those who sign up.

Get Set Text is an “Opt-In” program, meaning your audience must volunteer to be in the program. Have them text the word: “JOIN” to
*Yes, you can text a word to an email address (address is not case sensitive)

Business Solutions

  • Choose your plan based on the amount of texts you intend to send
  • Plans starting at as low as $39/month
  • Higher Volume texting options available
  • Pay only for texts sent to Active members

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